Pay attention to your peep

About a month ago, I changed my peep site in preparation for the Vegas Tournament at the end of January, and since then, i would get a strange phenomenon… From beginning to end, I would have a slow creep across the target face from right to left as the session progresses.

I generally assumed its my form (suffered a bit from a neck problem) and thought that my anchor is shifting as my muscles warm up more and more… I was partially right.

At the end of a session i would see that my peep moved (my peep position is marked on the string) and i would move it back up… No bother, it was only a millimeter or two. Nothing much… Today, however, I made an amazing discovery…

By moving my peep up and down, I do not only get a high/low change, but also a left right change. Effectively, what was happening was that as my peep drops, i tend to drop my head to reach, changing my anchor, and greatly affecting my consistency and hold!

So that is part 1 sorted!

Part 2 was/is just a bit worse… My old peep, new peep change and shifts seems to have cut into some strands, not end of the world, but not ideal at all! Worse though was that my bottom serving actually moved around as well. Not something you check often, so as the bottom serving moved, the peep was ‘forced’ to move down as well.

Lesson two for the day: Don’t assume your peep is fine. Mark it, check it and take care of the string when you do service it!