That Dream Shoot

I’m writing this blog post from an Airbus A380-800, about halfway to San Francisco, on my way to Vegas to compete in the biggest indoor archery tournament in the world, The Vegas Shoot. And I’m like a little kid high on jellytots! Let me step back a bit.

Two years ago, I started this wonderful sport of archery, and about a year ago, I mentioned to my most beautiful wife that think I would like to take it a bit more seriously. I want to contend, and I want to be proud of my achievements, not just shoot and see what happens. Part of that discussion was about my “bucket-list” of archery. What are the things I would like to get to do?

Now, the list is actually quite long, and started small (win a medal at a tournament, shoot top ten at a Nationals Championship, achieve Provincial Colours, etc, etc) and with hard work, lots of time spent throwing sticks and so much support from many people, but above all – my wife, I could achieve those goals. The more complicated ones wasn’t up to me though…

Those were more ethereal and pie-in-the-sky kind of things, like be an inspiration to people who think they can’t do archery, showing them that if even I can do it, then they can surely do it. The epitome of that example must be Matt Stutzman, so obviously, actually seeing him do his thing, in the flesh, as it were, was right up there. Then, while on the topic of meeting people … Who wouldn’t want to meet Reo Wilde? A brand name in Archery?! Off course, there is nothing quite like doing that at a spectacular venue like Las Vegas. The ultimate pressure cooker shoot where only the best of the best make it through. Shooting the Vegas Shoot has to be the biggest shoot I could attempt as saving up to shoot it would take years! And then, who wouldn’t want to visit the ultimate bow company’s factory?!

Now there is a real pipe dream!

Seriously, who would let me in?! But hey, I respect the brand, I respect the people behind the products, and I would love to just be in the place where awesomeness is put together!

Back to present day, and I am on a plane to the US of A to shoot in the Vegas Shoot 2016, not just any Vegas Shoot, the 50year anniversary shoot! I have received a target placement setting me up within 3 butts of Reo Wilde on the one side, and Matt Stutzman on the other side. I am shooting with 4 Bowtech team members, representing Bowtech and South Africa (very unofficially, but still, it’s my home, and I am its ambassador!) and when it’s all done and the prize money is handed out, I will be heading to Eugene Oregon to meet up with some lovely people at the Bowtech Factory!

Now… None of this is of my doing. I am blessed beyond belief by a God that loves me and cares for me and have heard the desires of my heart, and given me these gifts. Regardless of what happens on my Target Face two days from now, I have already received my Prize!

But now…

What needs to go on my bucket list after this? Ideas anyone?