First round: Vegas 2016

So today I shot my first round in Vegas! Wow!

I was running pretty well the first four ends, started with 3 X’s on my first end and thought that would get rid of the jitters! Boy was I wrong! I literally couldn’t get air into my lungs! I dropped two on the 5th end right before the turn, and from there I just struggled to recover.

I ended on 288 with 13 X’s literally my worst score on a Vegas target .. Ever…

But dangit! It actually feels like I am top of the leaderboard! (Just in case you started reading at this point, no, I’m not on top, I am actually ranked 270th after the first round)

Vegas is such an amazing experience, it’s just not about who shoots the best, it’s about who has the best mental game. Who can keep going while the pressure builds with each arrow, knowing that if you miss one 10, you simply cannot, in any way, recover.

You cannot walk away from here untouched. The lessons learnt on this line today, will carry me far… Because honestly, how to deal with big match pressure like this can only be learnt shooting in events like these!

I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity!

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  1. Same I felt at my first "Berlin Open" (2015).
    Although I raised the red lantern, it was a great experience to meet all these great archers, watch and learn.
    Both we will learn with every arrow …
    Have fun!

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