Checking your equipment… Again!

I was quite frustrated with my form this weekend.

I know my form wasn’t perfect, but there were shots that I felt were really good and solid releases, but I kept “pulling” slightly high and left… Mostly in the 8 ring – extremely disappointing! After the third one, I noted the shaft number (#20) and more or less assumed that something is bent or the spine is shot (it’s an old shaft)

So got down to business this morning with some blank baling and bare shaft tuning…. After a while I settled nicely and went to 20yds and started breaking nocks. However, still had a flier or two from shaft 20 so no big deal, just ignored it.

As I’m checking nocks, I notice that somehow, somewhere another brand of nock got onto one of my shafts… And would you believe… It’s shaft 20!

Swopped the nock and we are back in business! Slightly thicker arms, slightly deeper throat and the arrow just leaves the string a bit differently and groups in a slightly different place!

Maybe the second lesson is to pay more attention before the shoot, not after!