Beestinger Premium Plus

If there is one way to buy a better score in archery, it’s with stabilizers!

Stabs help to slow down your movement and keep your sight on target for longer periods of time, allowing for smoother shot releases and ergo, better scores! The biggest problem stabilizers have is that there is NO MAGIC FORMULA to set them up! There are tons of information on getting a good starting setup, but after that, different people will require different setups on different bows with different stabs…

So I have had a few stabilizers now and I think I know more or less what works for me, with my bows (please note… More or less!) So please considder that what I write pertains to my specific setup.

On my current bow (Bowtech Fanatic) I now have a 30″ BeeStinger Premier Plus front stabilizer with a 15” side-rod (or v-bar as BeeStinger labels them)

The Premier Plus feels virtually as stiff as the standard (Premier) bar, but it’s slightly thinner (which I think is a slight benefit in the wind) and it’s extremely light. The theory behind it is simple… If you can attach and move a weight away from the item you are trying to stabilize (in this case, your bow) then you can use less weight as you extend distance. By having a heavy attachment, you make the setup heavy, but that weight has very little effect on the rotational stability of the bow.

Heavier isn’t better, per se, there is a peak setup for every person and the added equipment. Which brings me back to the Premier Plus stabs. By being thin and light, I could transfer the extra weight saved to the front of the stabilizer for more effect, so there is a big bonus there!

The second part is the construction of the BeeStinger stabilizers. Somebody much smarter than me has worked out how to build the carbon layered tube in such a way that it’s extremely stiff, but, it seems to resonate at an extremely smooth and elongated frequency on release

No, I’m not trying to talk all fancy-like!

On my previous stabilizers I added dampeners to the ends with half ounce weights to soak up the vibration of the stabilizer. I do not currently have dampeners on my BeeStingers and the vibration feels, at least to me, even less.

Whacking the front of a loaded 30” stab with a finger will show you the movement nicely. Too soft, and the vibration keeps going (also a problem if you do not have a smooth draw, clicking into a valley takes a precious second to calm down if your stab is flexing too much) I don’t think you can get too hard or stiff, but the shaft will flex, and the BeeStinger just does it in such a comfortable manner. Like I said, smarter people than me designed these!

Anyhoo… I really like these stabs and I think we will have a long life together. Any stabilizer can keep your bow steady, but having a great feeling on your bow through aiming to release to follow through is worth a lot! Anything that makes me want to shoot my bow, gets a thumbs up from me!