Review: Bowtech Boss

This is a hands on review of the Bowtech Boss. As with our other reviews, you will notice that we are not focussing on all the technical specs, as these you can find in the actual Spec Sheets provided by the companies that create these product, But to help you out, here are the basics:

It’s possibly the biggest bow Bowtech makes with a massive 26,5” to 32” Draw Length. The Draw Weights are 50, 60 and 70lbs and with it’s 7” Brace Height, it gives a respectable 333fps IBO speed.

With that out of the way, lets get down to business…

The Boss is the slightly aggressive brother of the Fanatic. at 36” Axle-to-Axle, it’s not a small bow, but if you compare it to the Fanatic, you will see a clear resemblance. Not quite as refined as the colourful Target Bow, but definitely family!

The bow is quite a bit faster than the Fanatic, so I think we are going to see a lot of these on the 3D and ABO lines, where the flatter trajectory and higher poundage limitations will give the archers a bit of an edge. With the PowerDisc & PowerShift Technologies, making the bow an easy draw for a day of shooting is also a breeze.

If you do not know what the PowerShift Technology is, let me give you a quick rundown. The Modules of almost all the new 2015 bows (excluding the Fanatic) has a variable disk that can be shifted or flipped (model dependent) to give you more aggressive cams, or a comfortable draw cam. This gives you options.

If you need to bow to go as hard and as fast as possible, shift to #1 setting and the bow will max out everything. But if you need a “comfort” draw, set it to position #3 and the cams re-act allot softer and smoother. Smoother on the draw, and quieter on release. You do lose speed, but nothing I would worry about, because what you gain is a bow that draws just slightly more aggressive than a Fanatic, but still smooth enough for a day of competition shooting.

Extra’s on the bow that we almost take for granted on the Bowtech’s are the basics of Overdrive cams with Cam Lean adjustment and the FLXGuard cable rollers. The grip can be replaced with a custom grip (unlike the Fanatic) like Rattlers.

But all that is good and fine and interesting, but what you really want to know is… How does it shoot?

Well, I’m no expert, but I liked it. I would be hard pushed to choose between this guy and the Prodigy, because their responses are very similar. The bow is well balanced, not top heavy like an RPM and feels very solid. Nothing on the bow is “spongy”

I did a quick papertune and took the bow onto the range and started flinging arrows. It took me a few arrows to get used to the different draw curve (I’ve been playing with the Fanatic the whole day) but once I got a feel for it, the draws were smooth and controlled, and the bow felt nice and responsive. I think I would like a bit more weight on the nose for windy conditions, but as it were, the bow was very well behaved.

Arrow flight was fast and didn’t porpoise in the wind. I was shooting shorter distances with a CBE TekHybrid 3-pin sight set to 25-30yds and within about 10 arrows, I started to get a nice hang of how the bow moves in the wind and started tightening up my groupings. This is a big bow, and the wind does grab at it if anything more than a breeze, but if you have a smidgeon of patience, the bow returns sweetly to your original aiming point, and would just sit there, waiting for a smooth release.

The Effective Let-off on the bow was 80%. I thought this would bother me (I like shooting 65%) but unlike older bows, this was a solid wall, even at 80%. So I actually didn’t even notice the Let-off until you want to let down. then you release how much less you are holding than usual.

The Bowtech Boss is going to make waves this year with his shorter brother, the Prodigy, and their Fancy sibling, the Colourful Fanatic. Especially the Longer Draw archers are going to get maximum benefit from this bow and it’s design, but even the shorter draw archers will enjoy it.

I do have to just note that the rather large Axle-to-Axle distance, makes for a shallow V on the string if you are a 28” or lower Draw Length. Just Saying. Keep it in mind.

It’s early days for this brand new bow, so I can’t report on long term usage or complaints that might have popped up, but the new finishes on the bows, as well as the new camo designs look good and robust. Time will tell.

Conclusion? Although I will personally lean towards a Fanatic (mainly due to my style and format of shooting) I think this bow is going to go places. Bowtech released a few more winners this year and although I have read complaints on the forums and facebook, that Bowtech hasn’t done anything spectacular or revolutionary with the new bows, I have to disagree. The Bows are refinements of what they know works well. Beter cam, better draw curve, better balance, etc, etc… even better bow finishing.

I get that some people want their bows to be flashy, or memorable to onlookers. Myself? I want mine to shoot where I aim… Every time… and in every condition.



I took the bow out again this morning after my daily 720 practice on 50m and set the 3-pin CBE TekHybrid sight up as best I could. Conditions was slightly windy, but not excessive, just enough to throw you around a bit.

Although not quite as steady as my target setup, the BOSS behaved pretty darn well! my last 6 arrows shot for the day was all in the yellow (I don’t think my windage was spot on, though) and for those of you that is not familiar with the target face, the yellow or gold is 16cm accross, so the grouping here is about 8cm, and I blame the wind for most of the spread.

Why post this after the fact?

Because I am now even more convinced that this bow is going to be really big as a 3D/ABO bow in 2015 and beyond!

it can clearly deliver the goods and is such a smooth draw that I think it will be a firm competition for the Fanatic in these fields!

Text and Images Copyright Sean Nel.
Thank You to Archer’s Edge for Supplying and Setting Up the Review Bow.

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