Review: CBE Tek-Hybrid (Hunt)

I have been looking at various options for hunting sights, and there are literally tons to choose from! One of the sights that makes a lot of sense to me is the CBE TEK-Hybrid.

The CBE TEK-Hybrid sight is “best of both worlds” sight. It has three pins as well as the sight tape and is adjusted with a large rolling yardage adjustment while windage is adjusted with a “micro” adjust roller with clicks. I understand there is also a 5 pin version of this sight.

So that is the basics… What makes the sight special?

The Sight tape is created on the middle pin, and the top and bottom pins is set 5yds shorter and 5yds longer (or whatever you feel is adequate). So when you go hunting, for instance, and you have the animal set out on 37yds, simply move your sight to the 37yd marker on the sight tape If the animal starts to slowly graze away from you, you can switch to the bottom pin to compensate for the extra distance… If the animal moves closer to you, you switch to the top pin… All this can be done on the fly, without needing to let down and re-adjust the sight. Basically it just makes for much more accurate distance guestimation!

Some people prefer to use the pins as different distance markers for different arrows (heavier arrows use the bottom pin, lighter arrows, the top, etc.) personally, I can’t see this as being the best way. At short distances it should work just fine, but as the distance increase, effectively the drop of the arrow will also increase, and in the end you might miss low on the heavy side, or miss high on the light side.

I’d much rather just create two sight tapes side by side for the two different arrow weights I expect to shoot on a given hunt or season.

A few brands have a similar solution so it’s not unique, but I will confess that I quite like this sight. It’s short and very robust. At no point does it feel finicky or do you get the impression that a slight knock will take it out or kick out the sight settings. The built quality is very good, just as we have come to know from CBE although it is a bit “chunky” and unrefined in my opinion, it will definitely get the job done, and I have yet to hear of one of these that have failed.

I think the sight is a practical solution for a complicated idea built in the simplest possible manner to ensure accuracy in a robust housing.

The basics of this sight comes from their target archery side which has a very similar setup but mounted on a dovetail arm so it’s easily removable for transport. That means that if you really want to, you can actually remove the head and replace with any standard fitting head/scope combination to create a perfect hunting solution for you.

Take some time during setup, and you should have a sight that will serve you well for years to come!

Text and images copyright Sean Nel & CBE

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