Review: CBE Vertex Target Sight

I have always liked the Custom Bow Equipments (CBE) sights. The first one I had my hands on was the TEK Hybrid, and I liked the fact that they were thinking a bit out of the box, but building rough and rugged use, so I was pretty chuffed when the new CBE Vertex Target sight landed in my grubby little hands!

Out of the box, this is a solid piece of equipment. It’s heavy and it’s chunky and it looks like it can do the business.

3D vs Target versions

There are two versions of this sight, the Vertex Target and the Vertex 3D. The main differences between the two are that the Target version has a 3” Vertical adjustment track where the 3D version only has the shorter 2 inches of travel. Apart from that, the 3D version also has Rapid Travel option that allows the vertical adjustment to be made in much larger jumps. Apart from those two points, the sights are basically identical in all other respects and features. The unit I have on my desk is the CBE Vertex Target.

So what’s in the box?

Firstly… Nice travel case! Foam padded, soft shell travel case will keep your sight and scope safe for years to come!

Like most sights, the CBE Vertex comes without a scope. Any standard scope should mount fine so you can use your favourite even if it’s not a dedicated CBE scope. Stick on sight tapes are included as well as the CBE “Sight Gauge Tool” to make picking the right sight tape easy.

A super nice touch was the inclusion of five, bolt in, metal sight plates. These are laser engraved plates that can be changed around to match the settings of your bow. So no more sticky residue and tape replacement every time you make changes to your setup (and no tape slippage or smudged ink from shooting in the rain!)

It’s a small thing, but ads a lot of value…

The Sight

Ok… down to the nitty gritty. The Vertex has pretty much everything we want on a higher end sight. Micro “click” adjustment on windage and yardage, Quick detachable scope for travel (when re-attached the scope returns to it’s original position perfectly) V-Bar mounted and adjustable. First, second and third axis adjustment… and that’s about it.

I quite liked a few things they did with this sight. I have already mentioned the sight plates, which is nice to have, but one or two other things stand out.

The sight can, where your 2nd axis adjustment takes place against the back of the vertical adjustment track, also adjust up and down on it’s mounting point. Not one or two or three slots, but almost two thirds of the length of the track on a dovetail slide, and laser engraved markings allows you to track exactly how much or how far you have moved the “head” of the sight. This is a good feature.

The sight marker pins for yardage are also adjustable and are solid pieces of metal, not bent springsteel wire (although the paint on the tips won’t stay on forever, I am sure!)

The yardage/elevation (vertical) adjustment knobs are marked and there is a knob to set the tension to the way you like it. Having no Quick adjustment on the target version of the Vertex, I can tell you that moving 20m in adjustment (say, for a FITA 70m to 50m adjustment) took about 14 turns. Every full turn is a 0.0625” (1,5mm)

Now.. the windage knobs are marked for adjustment left and right (which way to turn), but for some reason yardage is not. I am not sure why? I minor thing, but I noticed. Frankly, it’s not a big thing… Turn the bottom knob clockwise and the head goes down. Turn the top knob clockwise and the head goes up. Before long it’s going to be muscle memory in any case.

But speaking of the windage adjustment. This is the same “ring” adjustment found on the TEK Hybrid sights. I am not a fan. I think I am biased in my thinking, but I do not like the way it adjusts and since you have to unlock the adjustment knob to be able to make the adjustment, it feels like the movement would be in-accurate. Again, to be fair… it locks perfectly in place, but while loose it “feels” like it could slip, and it’s just a small mental hiccup that you don’t need in a competition. It just feels clunky.

The other side of the sight is off course a completely different story! Here is another small thing I quite admire.

Many sights have slots on the V-bar that allows you to lock the sight in place on your bow in exactly the same place. The problem is that it is possible on some of the sights to actually lock the bar outside the slot, just with tension from the locking screw.

CBE has solved this by making the slots really big halfmoon cuts into the bar. It is still possible to completely miss the slot, but if you are within about 5mm of the slot on either side, the locking screw will self centre on the halfmoon and put it back in place… exactly. The other side of the bar is also numbered so you can double check yourself – a small, cut-away window on the mounting plate allows you to see the number of the slot you are currently using.


I like the CBE Vertex Target sight. I think it can handle the rigours of day to day shooting and traveling and I think it will give you years of pleasure and accurate shots. I don’t think the fit and finish is the best, for instance, the laser engraving is quite wide on some measurements, but this wouldn’t make a difference on the usability of the sight past day 1.

The sight is also a bit cheaper than something like a SureLoc IconX so overall I would have to say that it’s good value for money and one I would shortlist if I had to buy a sight today.

Images and text ©Sean Nel

Thank you to Archer’s Edge for supplying the CBE Vertex Target sight. Please contact them if you want or need more information!