Chris Coetzee

Who Is Chris Coetzee?

I started archery in 2005 . I mostly only shoot ABO , I have tried Sannifa and Sanna and SABA but enjoy the ABO most.

Started: March 2005
Bow: Monster Mr7 (competition), Mathews outback (hunting)
Arrows: Easton Fatboy 340 (competition), Easton carbon infused 340 (hunting)
Sight: Spot Hogg Tommyhogg
Rest: Spot Hogg
Release: Spot Hogg
Stabilisers: Cartel


Protea Colours in 3Di

Archery Styles:

I prefer 3d as it gives me the opertunity to chalenge myself

  • ABO

Member of:

  • ABO
  • 3Di

Supported By:

  • N/A





  • North Gauteng colours In 3Di

Last updated: 26 March 2014