Elmarie Erasmus

Who Is Elmarie Erasmus?

After almost half a century and just when I thought I knew myself, along came archery, and I discovered a whole new person. A very competitive one, at that.
While watching the 2012 Olympics, I expressed the fact that I think I would like to try archery. This came as a great surprise to my husband, who had been asking me to be his archery-buddy for the longest time. The next morning I got my first bow.

We started competing in the ABO in January 2013. In 2015 we shot a couple of 720’s at club league level and I enjoyed this even more. October 2015, I competed in my first WA Indoor Nationals.
I’ve come to love the sport because it is both social and also a very private affair. It is a very rewarding experience to be out on the range by myself. I love the feeling of being totally absorbed in the process of going through my sequence, executing a shot and analysing a good or bad shot. I’ve also discovered that I enjoy competing under pressure and nothing is more rewarding than a medal around your neck.

Started: 2012
Bowtech Fanatic (WA Indoor and 720, ABO)
Bear Siren (Hunting)
Bow Strings:
Gold Tip Ultralight PRO 500
CBE single pin housing
Trophy Taker, micro adjust blade
Scott Wrist Release
Truball HT Hinge
Truball Champ Thumb Release
Paradox 30″ front and 12″ side stabiliser


To focus on WA 720 and WA Indoor
To obtain SANAA/WA provincial colours in Indoor
To establish a competitive profile at WA 720
To obtain national colours in the ABO’s FAE class

Archery Styles:

I enjoy shooting longer distances most of all. On the other hand, preparing for and shooting WA Indoor, force you to focus on your form and this is a good place to return to whenever you are faced with external influences such as the weather.

  • Indoor (WA 3 spot)
  • WA 720
  • ABO

Member of:

  • ABO

Supported By:

  • Archers Edge
  • Bowtech SA


Blog: n/a



  • Bowtech SA Staff Shooter (2016)
  • Silver – IFAA Indoor Bojanala Platinum Champs (2016)
  • Gold – ABO Gauteng Champs (2016)
  • Bronze – IFAA Indoor Limpopo Championships (2016)
  • Silver – IFAA Indoor Bushveld Championship (2016)
  • 4th Overall – ABO Triple Crown, Leg 2 (2016)
  • Qualified for National Colours IFAA Indoor (2016)
  • Qualified for Provincial Colours IFAA Indoor (2016)
  • Gold – ABO North Gauteng Championships (2016)
  • Bronze – North West Championships, WA Indoor (2016)
  • Silver – ABO Freestate Championships (2016)
  • Gold – IFAA Provincial and National Qualifier (2016)

Last updated: 25 July 2016