Gerda Roux

Who Is Gerda Roux?

I shot a few competitions with my hunting bow in 2011 mainly because hubby, Patrick Roux, started shooting SANAA competitions and I never saw him anymore over weekends and I just sort of “tagged” along. He bought me a target bow for my birthday and my bow arrived in February 2012. I did not give any attention to my new bow until June 2012 when the National Team returned from Ogden in the USA, Patrick’s inclusion in the team sparked my interest and I thought I would give target archery a serious go.

First on the list was the Indoor World Cup in Singapore, I made the cut for SANAA team inclusion but did not make the team at the trials. Fortunately I had the opportunity to pay my own way to go and SANAA sanctioned my inclusion in the team that went over. I won the silver medal in Singapore and needless to say that I was hooked to archery after that.

I attended the Vegas shoot in February 2013 and the World Cup Final at the same stage. I finished 7th in the World Cup Final. I was inlculded in the National Team for the Outdoor World Cup in Poland and the World Championships in Turkey in 2013 and received my Protea Colours for outdoor archery. I finished 17th individually in Poland and at the World Championships I received the bronze medal. The Compound Woman’s team finished in 6th place at the world championships. I also qualified to be included in the Indoor National Team that participated in Nimes en France during March 2014. I made the 32 cut off after ranking 11th in the ranking round, unfortunately I came up against Albina Loginova in my first elimination match and lost. Individually I finished 17th. Our team, same as in Turkey, consisting of Jeanine van Kradenburg, Danelle Wentzel and myself won the bronze Medal against the Team of Italy. My highest World Ranking is 23 and my current World Ranking is 25th. I am currently No 1 ranked in Africa.

Started: Serious archery – June 2012. Social Archery during the winter of 2011
Bow: HOYT – Procomp Elite ( Spiral X)
Arrows: Easton X10 Protours 670 (outdoor), Easton X2312 with 200 gr propoints (Indoor)
Sight: Axcell
Rest: Freak Show
Release: Carter Just Cuz (primary), Carter A Tension
Stabilisers: Gray Stabilisers & Weights


National Outdoor Team
Improving and Maintaining my current form

Archery Styles:

I mainly shoot SANAA (South African National Archery Association) Indoor and Outdoor (720 and 1440)
I do shoot SANIFAA Indoor as well when time permits. I have never shot a SANIFAA Field and would love to try it out some time. I Shot the ABO Nationals in 2013 where I came second but it is not my preferred competition although it is very enjoyable.


Member of:


Supported By:

  • Magnum Archery (Seppie Cilliers)
  • Hoyt Archery
  • Easton Archery
  • Scout Bowstrings (Pat Coghlan – Australia)
  • Gray Archery (Local Stabiliser Manufacturer – Graem Lindner)
  • Patrick Roux Archery



Last updated: 26 March 2014