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ArcherZUpshot is a very nice scoring app that allows you to score various tournament types. Setup is a bit finicky in the beginning if you don’t know what type of competition you are running, but it does allow for various custom setups.

The nice thing I like about it is that it does a bit of analysis for you, so you can see where you are grouping your shots over various distances and compare it with other bows you own or different arrows, etc…

Scoring is either by dragging arrow hits to a target face (nice if you are not sure of the scoring system) or entered values per end (nice in a competition setup where you need to do things fast)

Also… they seem to be consistently developing on the app, so every now and again I see there are new target faces or setups.

The nice thing about his app is that you can use it to track arrows shot over time as well as some freaky analysis if you use it to it’s full potential (like numbered arrows) – you can even record Blank Bale shots – a good indicator of how many shots a string has done (it’s actually surprising how much or little you have actually practiced compared to how much you think you have!)


Way of Life is a brilliant goal ACHIEVING app…

You set your daily goals for achieving a bigger goal (blank baling 30 arrows or Jog 5km or 15 arrows aiming drills) and once a day it reminds you to answer yes no questions on those goals.

Its a nice visual way to be quickly reminded that you are on track, or running behind on your goals! Free version allows 3 goal steps to be tracked, paid version allows unlimmited goal steps.



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