Hanno de Klerk

Who Is Hanno de Klerk?

Hanno is one of the top young archers in South Africa. He is currently 18 years old.

“I started with archery on a young age of 7 years old when my dad came back from an ATA show in America. It all began with the interest in hunting and spending time in the great outdoors from a young age. Target archery got my attention in the year that I turned 14. I soon realised that this is a total different challenge, instead to shoot 1 perfect arrow I had to repeat it numerous times. I suddenly got the urge to shoot better and to accomplish a near “perfect” form. I always believe that there is room for improvement on my shooting style and equipment.
It always fascinates me to see the pro archers shoot perfect NFAA rounds (300 60X’s) and also the scores on the Vegas target. It would be a dream come true if I can compete against those archers

I am an up and coming target archer that shoots as a junior in South Africa. My main goal is to be a professional ambassador for South Africa, archery and to reward my sponsors by ranking as high as possible in each competition I enter. To be a good ambassador for the sport and my sponsors, is not only to perform on the shooting line but also to support and encourage other archers by what I do and be the best person I can possibly be off the shooting line in any situation….Archery came to me through hunting and started on the age of 7 years old. I have been hunting and shooting ever since.  I realy enjoyed it , especially to become improve and become more acurate. I have a goal for the short term to compete in the junior world archery cup and to end on the podium before I switch over to the compound men class. My dream is to do archery as an full time job , and to be competitive at an international level…”

Started:  Early 2003
Bowtech Specialist (Target)
Bowtech Carbon Overdrive (hunting)

Arrows: Carbon Express Nano-Pro’s (outdoor)
Carbon Express CXL Pro’s (indoor)

Sight: Axcel AX3000
Rest: Trophy Taker Spring Steel
Release: T.R.U.Ball ST360X

Stabilisers & Weights: B-Stinger Premier plus


Win SANAA Indoor Nationals 2014
Win SANAA Outdoor Nationals 2014
Score higher than 1400 on a FITA
Qualify for Gold Squad
Qualify for Protea Archery Team
Las Vegas Indoor World Cup

Archery Styles:

I like to shoot both the SANAA Indoor and SANAA Outdoor tournaments competitively

  • Indoor (SANAA 3 Spot)
  • FITA 1440
  • FITA 720

Member of:

  • Club Archers Edge (Pretoria)

Supported By:

  • Archers Edge
  • Bowtech SA Staff Shooter
  • Carbon Express SA Staff shooter


Website: http://about.me/hdeklerk92
Blog: Target Archer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hannodkarchery


  • SA National  90m record holder on FITA for Compound Junior Men
  • SA National  70m record holder on FITA for compound Junior Men
  • 1st Place 2014 SA Nationals FITA 1440 round
  • 2nd Place 2014 SA Nationals 720 Eliminations
  • 1st Place 2014 SA Indoor National Championship
  • Provincial, National colours and Qualified as a Gold Squad member
  • SA National Indoor full round record holder for Compound Junior Men
  • SA National Indoor half round record holder for Compound Junior Men
  • SA National Indoor elimination round record holder for Compound Junior Men

Last updated: 19 November 2014