Jan Herholdt

Who Is Jan Herholdt?

I started competitive archery to become a better hunter. My career started out as a 3D archer, primarily. Loved it from the start but only got some confidence once I got hold of a left handed bow (I’m right handed but left eye dominant)

From there I moved to some indoor and field Archery. Field being one of my favorite disciplines. I then started World Archery to become a better Field Archer. Realizing that the big yellow spots, that you need to hit in the middel to score, was the best for my form. Shifted my focus and takes most of my time and aslo enjoying the challenge.


Started: Hunting 1992 and Tournament in 2002
Bowtech Specialist for all tournaments.
Bowtech RPM 360 for hunting and a bit of 3D.
Bow Strings:
Zero Strings!
Outdoor: I Use Carbon Express-Nano XR 450 spine and about 27 inches, weighing 350 gr and 120 gr points. Indoor: I use, Carbon Express- X-Busters 350 cut 29 inches and 165 gr points.
Axcel AX 3000 and a Sureloc Scope and Lens
Trophy Taker SS Spring Steel
Truball Hot Tension
Doinker A-Bomb 30 Inch and 20 inch side rod with all the weights I could find!


I want to shoot a avarage 700/720 and 590/600 on indoor.
(I would really like to go to America in 2016 to shoot Pro 3D but of course I’ll need to lift my scores dramaticaly)

Archery Styles:

I’ve been shooting the Hinge Jaw release now for about 8 years. My whole shooting form is build around this release aid. I am moving around a bit in terms of my Bow arm and shoulder area. My release methods been the some mostly. I really enjoying my current form as I find it the most sustainable.

  • Indoor (SANAA 3 spot)
  • Indoor (SANIFAA 5 Spot)
  • FITA 1440
  • FITA 720
  • ABO
  • HPC

Member of:

  • ABO

Supported By:

  • Archers Edge
  • Tru-Ball
  • Axcel
  • Bowtech SA
  • CarbonExpress
  • Gray Archery


Twitter: JanHerholdt


  • Bowtech SA Staff Shooter 2015
  • 9th place SA Indoor Nationals (2015)
  • 4th at Markspark Round Robin Head to Head (2015)
  • Sliver Medallist at Freestate ABO Championship (2015)
  • Bowtech SA Staff Archer 2014
  • Freestate ABO Championship Silver Medal.

  • Tuks Indoor Championships Silver Medal.

  • Outdoor National Championship ranking 13th.

  • Personal Best at indoor league 584

  • Personal Best at outdoor elimination round 144

  • Indoor National Championship ranked 13th. Silver in team event for Gauteng.

  • 3D Archery is my strongest decipline with 50 plus medals.
  • Field was also strong in the 2006 region, with multiple Victories and medals there.
  • I also won a few WA events in Outdoor and Indoor but find it the most Challenging.
  • I also recieved National Colours in all the deciplines I participate in

Last updated: 24 October 2015