JJ van Greunen

Who Is JJ van Greunen?

I started archery on a farm near roedtan/immerpan area when my dad introduced me to a compound bow. I am a very competitive person. Ever since I started archery in 2009 my goal has always been to improve and climb to the top (eventually). I have always loved nature and sports. Archery is the hobby i use to get away from the world and its stress and to be in my favourite place, nature! My love for the sport had only grown stronger since i started.

Started: 2009
Bowtech Specialist
Bow Strings:
zero bowstrings
Goldtip pro series 22, 370 grain, 27.5″
Sureloc challenger with CBE large housing and custom yellow lens
Trophy Taker Spring Steel II Pro
Scott longhorn advantage pro brass
Scott Q-shot trigger
Shrewd-one stabilizers, 32″ in front with 5oz, 12″ side rod with about 8 oz.


compete in all the events I can
start shooting field archery this year
be the best I can be
learn new things from more experienced archers

Archery Styles:

JJ is a spot, field and 3D shooter

  • Indoor (SANAA 3 spot)
  • Indoor (SANIFAA 5 Spot)
  • ABO/3D

Member of:

  • Club Archers Edge (Pretoria)

Supported By:

  • Archer’s Edge
  • Bowtech


Blog: N/A
Website: N/A
Twitter: N/A



  • Bowtech Staff Shooter 2015
  • Bronze – ABO National Archery Championship (2015)
  • 5th at ABO Triple Crown Leg 1 – MAE class (2015)
  • 7th SANAA Indoor Nationals (2014)

Last updated: 9 November 2015