Kingsley Orsmond

Who Is Kingsley Orsmond?

I have always wanted to do archery ,been on my bucket list for a while but never got around to it. Then in April 2014 I survived a double heart attack 😉
Time to start working on my bucket list it seems as you never know what the future holds. I wanted to do mainly target archery and especially 3D.

My first bow was a Ben Pearson Advantage , which I then Sold and Bought my current target Bow – Hoytt Alpha Elite

I took the Hoytt Hunting and managed to shoot my first animal ever , I have now also bought a Mathews Monster 7 , which will be for Hunting.

Started: October 2014
White Hoytt Alpha Elite  (Target , 3D , Field)
Bow Strings:
Tony’s Custom BowString – Green and Yellow
VAP Target Arrows 350 Spine , with 120grain Points and AAE max Fletches (Field and 3D)
Sky Art Eclat 340 (Indoor)
Axcel 300 Sight with Nikon Scope – Large Dot
Trophy Taker SS Pro , Blade rest 010
Tru Ball Absolute 360 – 4 Finger
Long Stabilizer and Side Stabilizer


Try to get a Weighted Average in 2015 for the Following
– IFAA Indoor – 300 (Work on X’s later)
– 3D 22 Targets – 380
– Sanaa Indoor – 570
– Sanaa 720 – 660

Archery Styles:

Kingsley will shoot at any kind of target!

  • Indoor (SANAA 3 spot)
  • Indoor (SANIFAA 5 Spot)
  • 3D, 22 Target
  • ABO
  • IFAA Field
  • FITA 720

Member of:

  • Club: Evolution Archery

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Last updated: 19 November 2014