Lillian Breedt

Who Is Lillian Breedt?

I saw a compound bow for the first time in 2008 when my brother in law’s son showed us his new bow. So my husband bought himself one and I got interested as well. In Februarie 2009 he bought me my very first bow, a Bowtech Equilizer. We shot weekly at a club but was not member of any affiliated club. I am a very competitive person and asked my husband if we could not go and find clubs that shoot competitions. So we found a organisation named SANIFAA, and here is where my archery started. For the last 6 years I shot Bowtech Bows, and after a bad financial year I stopped the archery for a while. So when 2014 started I asked my husband if I could shoot competitions again. He gave me the green light!!

Started: April 2009
Hoyt Alpha Elite (SANAA)
Bowtech Spesialist (ABO)
Bow Strings:
Carbon Express CXL Pro 250 (Indoor)
Easton Carbon One 500 for Fita and ABO
Surelock Supreme with Cartel Sight 4X
Trophytaker Springsteel
Scott Little Goose
Soma CEX2


 I started SANAA this year and would like to get my national colours for Indoor as well as FITA by 2015.
To have sponsors for Bow, arrows, strings, etc.
And of Course to be invited to the Gold Squad is my common goal and dream, but most of all….
To be a Profesional SA Archer winning gold in International Tournaments

I have dedicated myself from this year to go all in for archery.

Archery Styles:

INDOOR as well as 720

  • ABO
  • Indoor (SANAA 3 spot)
  • Indoor (SANIFAA 5 Spot)
  • FITA 1440
  • FITA 720

Member of:

  • Club Archers Edge (Pretoria)
  • ABO (3Di)

Supported By:

  • N/A


Blog: N/A
Website: N/A
Twitter: N/A



  • 2010 SANIAC – Bronze AFFU
  • 2010 NW Provinsial Colours for AFFU and AFBU
  • 2011 SANIAC – Bronze AFFU, 4th in AFBU
  • 2011 National Colours AFFU
  • 2011 Protea Colours, came 6th in AFFU
  • 2012 SANIAC – Bronze AFFU
  • 2012 Protea Colours (forfit due to financial circumstance)
  • 2013 Gap year and lost sponsor
  • 2014 Started shooting again !!!

Last updated: 01 July 2014