Michelle Botma

Who Is Michelle Botma?

 I’m the typical wife who wanted to understand why her husband is so excited with his scores after a shoot or when he talks about his motivations or his weaknesses I didn’t know what he was talking about.

So I decided to join him on SABA shoots and just walk with him. Then as it goes that bug bites you and I bought a cheap bow justbfor “incase” I get bored and find that its not for me. So a year later I bought a “better” bow and then the seriousness came.

I enjoyed the sport and wanted to shoot more acurately and my bow couldn’t do it for me so after drilling my shooting techniques and making sure that its not shooters errors that cause my bow to shoot different.

I decided to move to the “pro shooters” I bought my CPXL competition colours and still didn’t realise what good bow I have. I was always ranking under the top 3 at shoots. But with my CPXL my scores was a huge difference from 245 to 387 out of 440 made me feel more confident on shooting competitions and to start working forprovincial colours.

Started: 2011
Prodigy Chris Kyle Limited Edition
Bow Strings:
Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak 250 (Target)
Carbon Express AramidKV (Hunting)
HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Tournament Edition Sight (TE-5510)
VaporTrail limbdriver pro
T.R.U. Ball short n sweet


For 2016 I would like to achieve my national qualifiers in indoor IFAA standard round as well as in IFAA 3D

Archery Styles:

Michelle is a Field and 3D shooter

  • IFAA 3D
  • IFAA Indoor (5-spot)
  • ABO
  • SABA

Member of:

  • Club Archers Edge (Pretoria)

Supported By:

  • Archer’s Edge
  • Bowtech
  • HHA Sports


Blog: n/a
Twitter: n/a



  • Bowtech SA Staaf Shooter 2016
  • Gold – SANAA North Gauteng Provincial IFAA 3D Championships (2016)
  • Gold – SANAA Tshwane IFAA 3D Championships (2016)
  • Gold – ABO Tripple Crown Leg #1 (2016)
  • Bowtech Staff Shooter 2015
  • Bronze – ABO National Championships FBO (2015)
  • 9th place SA Indoor Nationals (2015)
  • Provincial Colours 3D (2015)
  • SANAA IFAA 3D Nationals (2015)
  • Gold – SANAA 3D Pongola Day1 (2015)
  • Gold – SANAA 3D Pongola (KZN) Day2 (2015)
  • ABO Tripple Crown Leg 1 – FBO – 3rd place – 159 (2015)
  • SANAA 3D Tshwane – AFFU – 2nd place – 328 (2015)
  • SANAA 3D North Gauteng – AFFU – 1st place – 309 (2015)
  • Bronze – North Gauteng Champs (2015)
  • SANIFAA 4 qualifiers for 2014
  • Provincial Colors 2014

Last updated: 9 May 2016