Long Distance – TUKS 1440 (Provincial)

08/02/2014 Sean Nel 0

This weekend was my first go at the longer distance FITA (1440 and 720+Eliminations) tournament styles at the TUKS 1440 and 720 Provincial Championship event at LC Devilliers Sports Centre, hosted by TUKS Archery.

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HPCA Archery Festival

02/02/2014 Sean Nel 0

Over the weekend, My Boet and I spent some time at Arrow’s Rest close to Hartbeespoort at the HPCA Archery festival and fun archery day.

Essentially the day allows you to shoot a few disciplines of archery, all in one go, with the event laid out in 20 lanes, all different distances, some marked in yards, and some in meters (so you have to keep your head in calculating distances!)

How to shoot a Hinge release

30/01/2014 Sean Nel 0

Hehehe… since posting about my Release aid search yesterday, I have received a lot of queries about how a Hinge or Back Tension release works, and how it’s shot…

Well… one thing I have realised is that it seems everybody is doing it differently. I have found the technique described by Chance Beaubouef to resonate with me, but it might be because of draw length.

What Release Aid?

29/01/2014 Sean Nel 0

I decided that the only way I will be able to teach myself to get away from punching my trigger on the wrist release, would be to move up to something like a thumb trigger or a hinge release.

My First SANIFAA Indoor Tournament

25/01/2014 Sean Nel 0

Today I had my first taste of the SANIFAA indoor tournaments… more or less the same as the SANAA events, but more arrows and longer time to shoot them… instead of shooting three arrows in an end, you shoot 5 arrows, and the X-ring is a bit bigger.

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Moving up to 70m…

20/01/2014 Sean Nel 0

So today I started setting up my sights for the different distances, lsowly moving up and becoming comfortable. Starting on 70 is rather odd – The first shot I thought I completely missed the target butt. It feels like it takes forever to get there and make an impact sound….

A Blade… It makes a difference

17/01/2014 Sean Nel 0

When I got the Apex8 it had a Trophy Taker Spring Steel 1 arrow rest already mounted on it.

My first thought was that as soon as budget allows, I am getting rid of it… but to tell you the truth… I have since changed my mind!

And so it begins

16/01/2014 Sean Nel 0

I started Archery about a year ago. Started, and then packed the bows away because, well, life happened… Not wanting to bore you with the details of the intervening months, in December of last year, I decided that maybe I should take up the archery again…

I wanted to be a bit more serious, so I picked up my bow (with a slightly to short draw length) and just started to try and build my form… fast forward a few weeks, and lovely second hand Mathews Apex 8 falls into my lap, and so starts the beginning of my archery Carreer!