Sergio Maffia

Who Is Sergio Maffia?

I started archery after being invited to a friends 30th on a bow hunting farm in 2010. I managed to shoot a few arrows over the weekend although the bow was not the perfect draw length I immediately got hooked on the sport of archery. I purchased my first compound bow in 2010 and then there was no turning back. Within a month of having my bow I managed to harvest my 1st warthog and that was an experience.

The following year I then joined an archery club got more involved in the sport and shot 3D shoots and learnt more about the sport and got more involved.

Started: 2010
Target Bow – Obsession Addiction
Hunting Bow – Obsession Evolution
Bow Strings:
Tony’s Custom Bow Strings
Indoor Arrows – Black Eagle Challenger Arrow
3D Arrow – Black Eagle Zombie Slayer
Axcel AX3000 with an Axcel 31mm Scope with 0.19 Fibre
Target: Trophy Taker Smackdown
Target: Tru Ball Sweet n Short
Hunting: Scott Little Bity Goose
Target: Dead Centre Stabilisation 28″ and 12″ side Bar


Achieve Regional/National colours in Sanna Indoor, Sanifaa Indoor/3D and ABO

Archery Styles:

I Enjoy Shooting 3D and Indoor would mind giving Field and Fita a try some time.

  • 3Di
  • SANAA – Indoor 3 Spot
  • SANIFAA – Indoor 5 Spot

Member of:

  • Arrow Reapers Archery Club

Supported By:

  • Archery Addiction
  • Obsession Bows
  • Black Eagle Arrows
  • Dead Centre




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Last updated: 13 November 2014