SuperRank FAQ

What is the SuperRank?

The SA-Archery Super Rank was devised as a Ranking Solution to be able to rank the abilities of all archers against each other, regardless of Gender, Shooting Style, Bow Type, or Competition Category. Essentially the result would be comparable to the results of a Golf Handicapping system (although this is definitely not a Handicap System!!)

It is important to note, that this is a collation of publicaly published results by SA-Archery and is in no way an official ranking system for any of the Official Archery Organisations.

Why was the SuperRank Created?

To promote Archery in South Africa…

All the archers in the list has competed during this year in at least one event that fits the criteria for the SuperRank. By placing them all on a Results Ladder, we give the archers the ability to have a goal of visibly improving their skills by climbing the ladder.

How do you climb the Ladder?

  1. Shoot more competitions (more scoring opportunities)
  2. Encourage more archers to join you in the competition (higher score values for bigger competitions)
  3. Encourage more archers to shoot in your category or division (higher score values for competing against more archers in your category)

How does the scores work?

The system is a “Top Down” scoring algorythm. In other words, if you are number 1 in Compound Men, you get 10 points, and compete directly with the winner of say Recurve Women’s number 1 who also gets ten points.

However, score adjustments are made according to how many people you needed to compete against. Getting a medal is easier if there are 5 people in your category than when you are competing directly against 30 people. The differences are fractional in the end, but allows us to rank the winners of categories against each other.

In the same way the size of the event also impacts performance and adjustments are made accordingly (Shooting with 180 archers at the SA Nationals might be more competitive than shooting with 15 other archers at your home club)

And, In the same way, Winning a Medal through Eliminations or shoot-offs also incurs bonus points.

Your 40 best scores for the year will count towards your final rank

By attending an event, you will add score to your rank, regardless of how well you have performed.

My “Events Total” seems wrong?

This is quite possible. We only count events with more than 10 Adult scores, so even though you may have shot at 10 events, it might be that only three or four counted. Best is to invite some more archers to your events and ensure bigger scores for yourself!

I can’t find my name?

We currently only rank Adult Categories. We tried bringing in cubs and juniors to the algorythm, but we felt the scores were not an accurate reflection of ability due to the various other variables it brings into the competition. We will continue to work on it and bring it in later if at all possible.

My details are incorrect… How can I correct it?

We have noticed small differences/errors in the officially published records. We try and match up records as best as possible, but without your input, we don’t, for instance, know what is the correct spelling of your name or if you have changed Archery Clubs or main Bow brand.

Please help us to keep the Data updated by updating your details for the SuperRank on this form.

Where does the data come from?

The data comes from the published results in “SA Archer” magazine and the various organisation websites open to the public. We can, unfortunately, not be held responsible for errors in third party publications (print and electronic), but the year end winners scores will be verified.

Why did my values change even though I didn’t shoot a competition this month?

The system is still being developed and refined. Although we have taken input from many people, both as competing archers, and organisers, and have consulted with much smarter staticians than us, we expect to find flaws in the algorythm that unintentionally ranks one person higher than another that should in all likelyhood not be that way.

When this happens, we will adjust the algorythm, and changes may occur.

What are the Logos on the SuperRank?

The Logos on the SuperRank are for the companies that support the Ranking System. They see the value in the system to promote archery in South Africa and have made donations to help us keep the system going. You can also support the project here  through various means.

Can’t find and answer?

If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to us at


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