Review: Sureloc Icon-X 550

[EXTRA: Read the blog post about the build-up]

Ok… I have now had the chance to actually set up the sight on my Bowtech Specialist and have actually shot a 1440 and 720 competition with it so I can give you a bit more feedback… so here we go: In Use Review of the Sureloc Icon-X 550

Initial Setup:

This was pretty darn easy (once you have figured out how the 12 adjustment bolts work!) Ok… I don’t think there is 12, but there are more than a few (a lot more than a Shibuya, for instance…) Most of the fine adjustments on alignment has a locking bolt, and then one or two adjustment bolts, which means you can, with the supplied allen keys, adjust very finely to a spirit level before committing the adjustment with the locking bolt. I spent a few minutes on this, but I do think this is the first time where my spirit level on the scope is an exact match of the alignment of my riser. The fine Laser Etching on all adjustments also helps with actually visually seeing how much movement you have brought into an adjustment. Not Required, but nice to have!

From there I mounted my scope, and aligned the housing. (two adjustment locations on that as well) Made sure all was good and well and started zeroing the sight for left and right.  Once that was done… a simple matter of getting my sight markings for the 1440 FITA round of the next day. Pretty much works like any other sight.

Initial Impressions:

The sight locks in place solidly and I did not need to re-tighten and knobs or bolts on the sight… at all. That was a major difference! (My pre-end sequence is to double check my stabilisers are tight, then run through the locking nuts & bolts on my sight, tightening them up again)

The quick release for windage is adjustable in tightness, but locks in place solidly. The sight looks pretty… I know it doesn’t count for much, but it does, and a few people commented on it. Micro Adjustment on hight and windage is VERY fine. It might be normal for other sights, but it was a nice change from my old sight.

In Use:

Oh, it was lovely!

The scope housing can be removed, and replaced in it’s exact location (which makes traveling better) but I think the best part of the sight was that it didn’t interfere. I didn’t constantly think about making sure the sight is solid, and I definitely didn’t worry about a slippage in my yardage adjustment.

In short.. I trusted the sight. Which is as good a compliment as I can give it.

I shot my personal best 1440 score with it, and then shot my personal best 720 score with it the next day. How much of it was the sight? Who knows, but if the sight was bugging me, I doubt whether I would be able to even get close.

The only thing I really had to get used to is how fine an adjustment a “click” is, but that was a minor thing to get used to. The micro adjustment knobs are tight, but solid. It feels good to turn them.


It’s pretty, it’s solid and I don’t think it will let me down.

As I mentioned, a few people asked what sight was on my bow, and commented on the nice rounded design. Unless you are looking for a new sight, or new to the sport, generally people do not pay too much attention to another archer’s sights, so this stood out for me.

Is this sight better than an Axcel or Shibuya, or CBE? I really can’t say, but I don’t think so. If you hit the X with your current sight, then how will a change “improve” your score?

But if you are in the market for a new sight, then definitely have a look at the new IconX range. A lot of thought has gone into it, and although the changes are small, I think they are significant and enough of an improvement that people will look twice at the new Icon Series.

All text and Images ©Sean Nel

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