Target: Indoor

SANAA Indoor / Individual Competition (World Championships)

In this indoor competition you will typically be shooting at 18m or 25m and consists out of three rounds. A Qualification Round, Elimination Round and a Final Round. The rules are pretty much the same for both Recurve and Compound archers.

In the Qualification Round, all archers shoot for a ranking and the top 32 men and top 32 women qualify for elimination and final rounds. The Qualification Round is 60 arrows at 18m (20 ends of 3 arrows each) with a 2 minute time limit per end. The Archer may choose a 40cm FITA face or Tripple face target

In the Elimination Round, all archers are paired according to rank (rank #1 with rank #32, etc) in a shootout match. It is shot at a distance of 18m and the archers will shoot 15 arrows (5 ends, 3 arrows each) with a 2 minute time limit per end.

In case of a Draw in the final matches, a winner will be decided by a single arrow, nearest to the X and shot with a 30 second time limit.


Compound archers will only score 10 points when they reach the X10 ring, while Recurve archers have the full 10 ring to score 10 points. If an arrow reaches outside the 6 ring, it is considered as a miss and the archer will score 0 point for this arrow. (Brown blocks indicate 10-ring on the accompanying images – not on actual target faces)


Targets used for indoor competitions are identical to the ones used in FITA outdoor target archery competitions but smaller in size. The archers shoot at 25 meters on a 60 cm target and at 18 meters a 40 cm target. Actually 18 meters is the only distance shot in world championships. Competitors can choose between 40 cm targets or triple faces which are the same size but with fewer scoring zones. Vertical triple faces are obligatory in the final rounds of competitions.

SANAA Indoor League

Pretty much the same as a standard World Championship Qualification Round, except this is not for ranking & qualifying, but the whole match.

All archers shoot 60 arrows at 18m (20 ends of 3 arrows each) with a 2 minute time limit per end. The Archer may choose a 40cm FITA face or Tripple face target. The Tripple face target is suggested to limit arrow damage.

SANIFAA Indoor Round (IFAA Indoor Tournament)

In this indoor competition you will be shooting at 18m (or 20yds) and consists out of two rounds (or sets) of 6 ends with 5 arrows per end (60 arrows total) with a 4 minute time limit per end


Scoring on the 40cm is: X, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and miss.
5-spot target is: X, 5, 4 and miss

X and 5 ring scores 5. X is used to decide tie breaks (most X’s win, unless a shootout is called)

However, if an archer uses the 5-spot target face, no two arrows may be on the same target, and only the lowest scoring arrow will count. It’s important to note that the second arrow on the target scores a MISS.

Check your tournament before you start. The 5-spot may be scored as X:5, White ring: 5 and both blue rings:4 (no 3-ring)


The standard target face is a 40cm target in a dull blue colour with two white rings in the centre (which is combined as your highest scoring, center ring) the X-ring is 4cm in diameter and the Centre spot is 8cm in Diameter. The 5-spot is exactly the same, just with fewer outer rings

For a layout of the Style Classifications, see here

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