T.R.U.Ball Abyss

The T.R.U.Ball Abyss is the partnering release to the T.R.U.Ball FulKrum designed by Jesse Broadwater and introduced last year. The reason for this release is to have a thumb version of a release that works pretty much exactly like your hinge release does.

This may seem odd if you are not a hinge shooter, but although it’s hard to beat a back tension shooting form (regardless of release) of which a hinge type release is the one that tends to force the best form, there are times when shooting a hinge becomes a nightmare.

In my own case, that would be when you have inconsistent, gusty wind. Field shooters have commented to me that extreme angles also makes it difficult to get a hinge to go off when you want it to.

With that in mind mr Broadwater went to T.R.U.Ball and together created the “Freakshow” Signature series releases, the FulKrum Hinge and the Abyss button on thumb release. What makes these special is that they are as close as anything to an exact copy of each other. They weigh about the same (heavy brass construction) the handles and finger spaces and sizes are exactly the same. The heads of both can move to match and above all, they both have the same neck angle and distance, meaning they can both be shot interchangeably and you shouldn’t see a difference on the target.

The Abyss is well made and very solid. Heavy in the hand but an absolute joy to shoot! It’s immensely crisp in its release and once set, it seems like going to stay the way you set it up. The dust covers around the neck fits nicely (although, pay attention if you move the head around. There is a right and a wrong way to reseat them – put them in front to back and your bolt holes is just a fraction off centre!)

Tension adjustment is in the form of three different spring spacers (which is stored in the grip of the release behind a cap bolt)

In Use
Blimey… Too date, the crispest release I have felt with a thumb release. Mine was set to its softest/hottest setting and I doubt I would go away from that… But you never know. Nice to have an option to change.

In the standard setup, the thumb release post is very close to the actual release, mimicking the hinge version exactly. Although it’s nice, I personally prefer a longer, and deeper seated release post. No problem! A nice long extension is added to the packaging for just such an eventuality… Which ended up making the hinge extremely sensitive due to the extra leverage of the long arm assembly (and which makes the stiffer spring options much more of sensible thing!)

What I don’t like so much is the “cocking” mechanism. Not bad, but I am spoiled by my STAN JustX in that regard. I think, however, it’s just a matter of getting used to it though.

How does it shoot?
The most important part of the review… And the answer is simple. It shoots great! It installs confidence with the feel of the release in your hand as well as the release action.

Furthermore, the fact that I can seamlessly with between the thumb and the hinge makes a big difference. Between the FulKrum and my STAN release, there was about 4mm difference in the neck length as well as the actual angle of the grip, which resulted in shots about 30cm to the right of my aim on 50m – not ideal. The difference between the FulKrum and the Abyss was about 5-8cm over 50m and I attribute that more to how I hold against the back wall between the two releases (I can get the same shift on the hinge alone by shooting a hard back wall vs a soft hold on the back wall)

I love it. Will definitely become part of my setup!

By Sean Nel
Words and Images Copyright Sean Nel
Thank you to Archer’s Edge for Supplying the T.R.U.Ball Abyss Release – If you would like to try it out or need more information, please contact them for more information