T.R.U.Ball FulKrum

Having wanted to switch back to a full hinge release, I tested more than a few releases from the more well known brands, and although all of them had something going for them, the one I settled on was the TRUBall FulKrum.

Why did I choose the FulKrum?

Let me just start off by saying the other tested release are all great in their own right, but was just not the release that gelled with me best…at this time.

The FulKrum had a few things going for it though. The shape of the finger pockets are shaped just about perfect for my hand (see how quickly it becomes a personal choice thing?!) Some of the releases I tested tended to leave my fingers numb because of the sharp angles of the “handle” or simply being to narrow for the amount of pressure it transfers to the hand and fingers.

The second part is that it’s a solid and heavy release. The aluminum releases were all just too light for my liking.

The most important was, however, that I could adjust the angle and placement of the seer on the release. Moving it around meant the anchor point could be closer or further from my face, and also allows for the angle of the handle to be adjusted.

The release is extremely crisp, and the clicker is softer than most, although I think it’s due to the weight of the solid release than anything else. I do think it’s a narrow clicker though, the distance between click is extremely close, but because both are crisp, it’s easy to click, then anchor and wait for release.

A very big selling point for me was that the paring release, The Abyss thumb release, is an exact match to the FulKrum. Should you need to switch to a thumb release due to inclement weather or high winds, the Abyss will feel and anchor exactly the same.

by Sean Nel
Words and Images Copyright Sean Nel and Archery Corner
Thank You to Archer’s Edge for Supplying the T.R.U.Ball Release for this review. If you would like to try it out or need mor information, please contact them directly